Signs you May Be Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Foods

Although it rarely gets the attention that human overeating does, obesity is becoming a real problem in dogs. In fact, approximately 25%-30% of the canine population is obese, according to some estimates. The problem is that it is hard to resist our dogs when they beg for food. But simply because they beg, does not mean that we should overfeed them or that we should feed them the wrong things (table scraps for example). If your dog exhibits the following signs, make an appointment with your vet to discuss controlling your dog’s diet.

  • Excessive flatulence: All dogs expel gas every once in a while but it should not be so frequent and powerful that it is unbearable to their owners. If your dog’s gas occurs often or if it is out of the ordinary in terms of smell, it may mean that you are feeding it something that you should not be.
  • Weight: Your dog gaining weight rapidly is a sure sign that you are over-feeding him/her. It may also be a sign that you are feeding him the wrong foods as well.
  • Illness: If your dog acts sick after meal time or vomits afterwards, it may mean that the food he is eating is bothering him.

How to Control Your Dog’s Diet

If your dog is eating too much or eating too much of the wrong things, it’s up to you to adjust his diet. Use these tips to avoid over-feeding your dog so he can enjoy a better quality of life.

  • Feed your dog the instructed amount: All dog food products have the recommended amount per servings written on the package or can. These recommendations will be based on age, size, etc.
  • Eliminate table scraps: Don’t feed your dog under the table even though she may be asking you to. Food made for humans may not necessarily be suitable for dogs. Throw away table scraps instead of feeding them to your pooch.
  • Limit treats: The calories in those between meal snacks can add up over time. If you are using treats as a training incentive, consider using healthier food items.english cream golden retriever

Finally, watching and controlling your dog’s diet means that you will be helping your white golden retriever to avoid diseases such as obesity, skeletal difficulties and even cancer. If you have further questions about feeding your dog ask your vet or ask us. Make your English cream golden retriever happy and healthy and you will both spend many years together.