Tips for First Time Puppy Owners

We at Southern Charm Goldens are eagerly anticipating the arrival of National Puppy Day – March 23rd – as we do every year. On this day, those furry little bundles of energy and mischief are officially recognized for the “magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives” as one website puts it. We know that puppies are to be appreciated all year round but can’t help but be proud of the fact that they have their own special day. So, to help you new puppy owners appreciate and enjoy your new friend as much as we do year round we offer you 5 helpful tips for those first few months with your new puppy.

  • Prepare your home for the new arrival: There is much preparation that goes into the arrival of a new puppy into one’s life. Think about it. You’re preparing your puppy for its new home for life. You will have to make sure that environment is safe and comfortable. To do this, you must keep in mind how a puppy thinks and how much trouble it can get into. Start prepping your home by removing poisonous plants and toxins, purchasing electrical cord protectors from your local hardware and by removing or relocating anything that could harm it.
  • Shop till you drop: Before your new pup arrives be prepared to go on a little shopping spree. Of course you can start buying these items months in advance of picking out your pooch but all these items will be needed eventually. These items include a bed, crate, toys, a collar and leash, poop bags, a bowl, a harness, etc.
  • Get him/her a complete physical: Experts recommend that within the first week you should find a good vet nearby and get your new puppy a complete physical. Discuss with your vet vaccinations, diet, etc. You vet will be able to educate you and what shots your dog will need and when they will be needed. He or she will also be able to tell you what you should be feeding to your puppy to help it remain healthy and happy.
  • Start socializing your pup early: A puppy that is improperly socialized can be frustrating for owners and dangerous for other pets and humans. The ideal time to socialize a puppy is around is between 3-12 weeks of age. After that it is still possible but more challenging.
  • Obedience train your puppy: This will help make your puppy’s time with you more enjoyable and safer and it will make things less frustrating and disorderly for your household. This training should include housebreaking, on and off-leash commands, etc. There are plenty of sources all over the Internet to help you with this sometimes frustrating task.white golden retrievers

Finally, the time and effort you spend making sure that your puppy has a safe and happy life with you will pay off huge dividends in the unconditional love we mentioned at the top of this post. Our white golden retrievers make the perfect pet as English cream golden retriever puppies are bred to want to please their human owners. Happy upcoming National Puppy Day from the folks at Southern Charm Goldens.

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