European English White Golden Retriever Puppies

It is the most exciting moment for every dog lover when it’s time to pick out your puppy! We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of dogs, but have you seen the snowy beauty of white or English cream golden retrievers? Here at Southern Charm Goldens we offer white golden retriever puppies for sale in Mississippi. It is a dog that will be sure to steal your heart!

White Golden Retriever Puppies at Southern Charm Goldens in Mississippi

Most people assume that the attractive pale coat color of a white golden retriever is a new dog breed, but it is still a part of the larger breed family of Golden retriever dogs. These English cream white golden dogs have high intelligence and make amazing family pets!

These white golden retrievers are attractive dogs featured with long, shiny coats in some shade of gold & white and they have docile demeanors to boot. Our white golden retriever puppies are provided with the best nutrition and proper vet care while they are being carried by their mother and after birth.

English Cream Retrievers at Southern Charm Goldens in Mississippi

Temperament and health of white golden retriever puppies:

  • White golden retrievers require a good amount of exercise. Even if it is just a walk around your block or even swimming!
  • They are easy to train.
  • They are great companions.
  • They are extremely intelligent.
  • They are even-tempered, well-behaved and tremendously faithful.
  • They can develop separation anxiety if they are also left alone for long periods of time.
  • They shed frequently, especially in the fall and spring. You must regularly brush them, at least twice a week.
  • They need 3 meals a day as a puppy and 2 meals a day as an adult. Each meal should be around 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup of dry food.
  • Golden retrievers are prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism.

Before buying a white golden retriever, make sure you are aware of the traits listed above and truly ready to take care of your white golden retriever puppies.

So take some time to look after your English cream white golden retriever puppy and we consider it a privilege when families choose to buy one of our puppies. We can also provide the training tips for your golden retrievers, which help you form a bond between you and your furry friend.

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