How Can Dogs Benefit Children?

Dogs Benefit ChildrenYou probably already know that a dog is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, but did you know that dogs can be a child’s best friend as well? Read on to learn more about how dogs can benefit children.

Playtime buddies

All of us, kids included, spend too much time glued to our TVs, smartphones and tablets. Dogs, particularly breeds with active dispositions, encourage kids to get outside, run around and play.

Taking responsibility

Having a pet teaches kids responsibility. Encourage your child to help care for your dog by filling his food and water bowls, brushing his fur and taking him on walks.

Better health

Some studies have shown that kids who grow up around dogs and other animals have a reduced risk of developing allergy-related illnesses when they get older. Small amounts of exposure to dirt and allergens, like pet dander, helps kids’ immune systems become more robust.

Unconditional love

One of the best things about dogs is that they’re always there for us, no judgments attached or questions asked. When your child is feeling sad or stressed, your dog will be there to comfort him or her.

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