Tips for Training Your Golden Retriever

How to train your golden retrieverGolden retrievers are friendly, active, outgoing and did we mention adorable? These sweet pups often have a lot of energy, though, so it’s important to train your golden retriever to be well-behaved and obedient. Here are some training tips from the pros:

Start early

There really is no “grace period” for training a golden retriever. Once your new puppy arrives at your home, start training her right away to ensure good habits over her lifetime.

Potty time

One of the primary reasons dogs are taken to shelters is that they go to the bathroom in the house. Avoid this by potty training your golden retriever as soon as you can. If the dog is two months old, taken him outside every two hours. Add an additional hour for each additional month, aiming for every six to eight hours by six months old. Never punish a dog for an accident! If you see it happening, say “a-ha!” and take him outside to finish his business.

Crate training

You may want to consider crate training your golden retriever so that she isn’t destructive when she’s not supervised. Here’s how.

Stop biting

It’s a fact: golden retriever puppies like to bite. While you can’t stop this behavior, you can redirect it so your pooch chews on toys rather than your hand.

Now that you know how to train your golden retriever, it’s time to think about bringing one home. Southern Charm Goldens is a great source for cute, friendly golden retriever puppies. We pride ourselves on being a reputable breeder. Give us a call at 662-456-6054 to learn more about how we can help you find your new best friend!