Grooming Your Golden

Tips for Grooming Your Golden RetrieverAt Southern Charm Goldens, we love our golden retrievers. That’s why we’re sharing these tips for grooming your golden. Did you know that grooming your pup is an important part of bonding? Here’s how to keep your golden well-groomed, happy and healthy.

Bath time

Unless your pooch has been rolling around in a mud puddle, bathe him once every two months or so. (More frequent bathing can lead to skin irritation). Always place a rubber mat in the bottom of the tub to prevent slips and falls and fill the tub with water that’s warm but not too hot.

Avoid using the same shampoos and products that you use, as they aren’t formulated for dogs and can cause irritation. Use products that are specifically designed for your pup.

Brushing and trimming

It’s a good idea to brush your golden retriever at least twice a week using a stiff porcupine or boar-bristled brush. While you may occasionally want to trim your pup’s ears, legs and tail using trimming shears, avoid shaving. Your pooch needs her natural double coat year-round.

Other maintenance

Make sure your dog’s grooming routine includes regular nail trimming, tooth brushing and ear cleaning.

Now that you know how to properly groom your golden retriever, it’s time to think about adding one to your family. Southern Charm Goldens is a fantastic source for adorable golden retriever puppies. We pride ourselves on being a reputable breeder and can’t wait to help you find your new best friend. Give us a call at 662-456-6054 to learn more.

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