Share the Valentine’s Day Love with Your Pup

At Southern Charm Goldens, we believe that the best kind of love is puppy love. And by puppy love, we definitely mean the love you share with your dog! After all, a dog will always love you unconditionally, so what better time to appreciate them than during the Valentine’s Day holiday? With Feb. 14 just around the corner, we’ve compiled a few ideas on how you can celebrate this loving holiday with your pup.

Golden Retriever at Valentine's DayBuy Them a New Toy

If there is one thing that dogs love, it’s playing. Surprising your golden with a new toy or treat is an excellent way to make them excited and happy! It also gives you both a great opportunity to spend some time together playing! New toys are an excellent bonding experience, and goldens are well known for their love of spending time with their owners. They’re sure to be over the moon with something new to do with you.


Dogs are primarily pack animals, which means that they generally love playing and bonding with the other members of their pack. Getting down on your dog’s level and letting them curl up beside you is a great way to bond. Cuddling with other humans is a way to show affection, so why not cuddle with your dog? Spend some quality time bonding with your pup this Valentine’s Day.

Go for a Walk

Goldens love to get out and stretch their legs, so spend a little extra time with your golden this Valentine’s Day with a bit of dedicated outdoor time. Go a few extra blocks on your walk to give them a chance to smell and see some new things, or plan some time to take your furry friend to the local dog park or a nature trail where they can run and play. Dogs love to run and move, so spending a little extra time letting them get out and have fun is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them in your life.

Clean Their Bedding

There is one thing that dog owners can agree on: after a while, your dog’s bed can get a little gross. It can become covered in dog hair or just start to smell after a while. Why not take the time this holiday to make sure that your dog’s bed is washed and dried? We guarantee that your dog will love having a freshly laundered bed – after all, don’t you love climbing into bed when you’ve got fresh sheets? It’s an easy way to make your dog’s day!

Have a Spa Day

Everyone – both those with two legs and four – likes to feel clean. Why not make a special trip to have your dog groomed? Sending your pup to the groomer allows them to have all the same pampered experiences that you might have at the spa. The groomer will trim their nails, brush and shampoo their coat, and can even give them a bit of a trim around the ears or paws where fur may be growing in thick. A well-groomed dog is a happy dog, so give your pup a special treat for the holidays this year.

One Big No-No

Some people might also give their pups a bit of a treat of human food during the holiday. While some snacks meant for us are OK, there are a number that are actually detrimental to your dog’s health, as we discussed a bit during Thanksgiving. One big thing not to share this season? Chocolate! While you may get a box of sweet candies from your sweetheart, chocolate can cause a lot of health issues with your pup. Steer clear and let your dog enjoy the treats that are made for them.

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