Healthy You, Healthy Pup: New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

New Year’s Eve is less than a week away, and you know what that means – it’s time to get started on your New Year’s resolutions! Here are a few great ideas for both you and your pup to ring in a happy and healthy 2017.

Play with Your Dog

When you get home in the evening, you need to remember that even though you may be tired from a long day at work, your dog has been home alone all day. Your furry companion is super excited to see you the second you walk in the door. Instead of just plopping down on the couch, make more of an effort to try and exercise your dog more. Give them more mental stimulation by taking them to the dog park or letting them run around with a toy in the backyard. You would be bored just lying around all day, so try and spice up your dog’s daily routine to help them be more engaged and active and less depressed.

New Year's and Your DogGet Your Dog Groomed

Another way to improve your pup’s spirits and health is taking them to a groomer once in a while. Your groomer will make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed and their coat is brushed, plus they will give them a cleansing bath. Grooming your dog is more than just a trip to the puppy salon, too. Having your pup groomed regularly can help identify symptoms of skin problems such as dry skin, rashes or even fleas and ticks.

Keep Your Dog’s Information Up to Date

Double check with your local town, city or village to make sure that your dog’s license and microchip information are up to date. If you have moved since you last update the information on file, it could lead to confusion or delays if your dog is ever lost or runs away. Make sure the contact information is accurate and recent to help in case of an emergency with your pet.

Train Your Dog

Your dog could always use a refresher on training! Basic commands such as sit, stay or heel are major parts of your dog’s obedience. Making sure your dog follows these basic commands ensures that they will not become unruly or try and take over your household. Use treats to go over these basic commands to reinforce positive behaviors and strengthen the bond you have with your pooch.

Manage Your Dog’s Weight

Instead of eyeballing how much your dog is eating, try measuring out your dog’s food more precisely. Your dog could be eating unnecessary calories because there is no portion control when you just scoop out what you think is an appropriate portion. If your dog is a little overweight, watching how much he or she is eating is a great way to control your dog’s weight.

Make your 2017 a happy and healthy year by following these resolutions for your pup. Looking to add a new member to your furry family or get your first dog? At Southern Charm Goldens, our white golden retrievers are sure to be loving members of your family. Learn more about our currently available puppies or get on the waiting list for a future litter by giving us a call today at 662-456-6054.

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