Best Cars for Dog Owners

Best Cars for Dog OwnersIf you are a dog owner, you know that having a dog in the family is just like having a child – and that means that when it comes to decisions like what car you should buy, you have to consider your dog.

If you road trip with your dog frequently, your car should include a couple of key features.

Luckily, you don’t have to do all that pesky research: Southern Charm Goldens is here today to give you some tips on the best cars for dog owners.

Space for Gear

Traveling with a pet can sometimes weigh you down: but all the stuff you bring along is likely essential! The best cars for dog owners typically have plenty of cargo space and will comfortably fit your dog’s crate in their early years.

Subaru and Volvo both have car models that are dog-friendly with doors that are wide and easy to jump through with plenty of storage in the back. The Subaru Forester, in fact, has back seats that fold completely flat, which makes crate storage easy.

Space for Stretching

Your dog will also need room to move around and get comfortable. They don’t always sit right on the seats, so think about the space on the floor of the car in the backseat: if it’s not roomy enough for your dog to curl up, neither of you will be comfortable when it’s time to take a drive.

The Chrysler Pacifica is a great option for pet owners, because of its spacious rear. Plus, the trunk comes with plenty of tie downs that are great for crates and other dog gear.

Seat Covers

As much as we love our dogs, they can be a little rough on the upholstery. Look for car models that have removable seat cover options, or come with all-season cargo mats that protect the carpet, like the Honda CR-V.

If you’re shopping for a car and you often travel with your dog, keep space, convenience and comfort in mind.

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